Why Does a Funeral Home Provide Pet Services?

We have been a family owned funeral home for over 125 years and are now in the fifth generation of family ownership. Over the years we have received countless questions about whether we offer final commital for pets. Now we can proudly answer, Yes! As pet owners ourselves, we saw a need for dignified final options for families who have lost a beloved pet. Currently, there are very few options for pet families in the area. Most of these options include expensive burial in a pet cemetery or "mass cremation" in which multiple pets are cremated together. We saw this as undignified and disrespectful to some of our families best and most trustworthy friends. This is why we have decided to offer individual cremations, giving your pet a dignified and respectful end to a life well lived.

We provide dignified final disposition options for the most loyal members of a family.

We provide individual pet cremation services and memorialization products for families who have lost a dear friend. We have created a dignified and convenient final disposition service at a very modest cost.

Effective immediately

Any pet brought to us after 24 hours of death that has not been kept in refrigerated storage or is in ANY stage of decomposition will be immediately cremated along with any and all materials the pet is wearing, wrapped in or that is covering the pet.


If you have questions about any of our packages shown or would like to discuss the variety of other options we offer here at Meyer Funeral Home and Crematory please call us at 513-921-0117.

We strongly recommend reading our payment policy before making any decisions on services.

Standard Cremation

With cremains returned:

  • 10 lbs. and Under $125.00
  • Up to 50 lbs. $200.00
  • Up to 100 lbs. $225.00
  • Up to 150 lbs. $250.00
  • Up to 200 lbs. $275.00
Pick Up

From Vet's Office

  • Between 8 am and 6 pm $100.00

From Home

  • Between 8 am and 6 pm $150.00
  • After 6 pm $200.00

We offer a wide variety of memorial products that cannot be listed, please call with any questions or requests.

  • Starting at $35.00