What to Wear

Today’s funeral services have become a bit more relaxed than in years past. While a suit and tie is traditional for men and skirt or pants suit or semi-formal dress for women, the norm today seems to be more business casual.

Greeting the Family

During smaller services where there is no greeting line feel free to chat with family members for several minutes, offer condolences and even share a memory or two. Do pay attention to your surroundings and if others form a line near you move on to pay your final respects or take your leave.

If the visitation is very busy and there is a formal greeting line keep your time with family members brief, a minute maybe two, they have many people to see and will most likely be on their feet for many, many hours and long conversations are discouraged.

After you have paid your respects and greeted the family please take your leave of the funeral home. By staying longer you are taking up parking for other guests and potentially causing congestion issues inside the funeral home as well.

Flowers and Gifts

Flowers are a traditional expression of sympathy to send and family in a time of grief, if you wish to send flowers see our Helpful Info page for a list of local florists that can assist you. You may also make a donation to a local charity in the deceased name. Less common is preparing food for the family, while families certainly appreciate this gesture we ask that you contact the family first and take it directly to them and not bring it to the funeral home.

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