What to do when you see a funeral procession approaching a traffic light or intersection.

It is always best to slow down and pull to the curb and let the procession go past, be very cautious as there will most likely be a motorcycle escort weaving in and out of cars and even going in to head on traffic. Pay close attention to the lead car and any escorts you see, think if it was your loved one being transported to their final resting place and act accordingly. If you see a procession coming at you as you drive along not near an intersection it is best to just pull to the curb and slow down, even stop if it is a narrow road. A motorcycle escort could quickly appear in your lane trying to get to the front of the procession. Be alert and cautious of what is going on.

If you come upon a procession on the expressway it is ok to pass the procession at the legal speed limit?

most likely the procession will be moving below the speed limit. Do not cut into the procession, even if it means missing your exit, you should have waited behind the procession.

What to do if you are in a funeral procession.

When you are traveling in a funeral procession you must have a funeral flag on your vehicle, your bright headlamps on and your emergency four way flashers on. As the procession moves along try to keep no more than one car length between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. Always be on the lookout for the motorcycle escorts coming up the sides. If expressway travel is required again stay with in a car length of the vehicle in front of you and do not let any other vehicles cut into the procession.

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