Memorialization Options

Here a B.J. Meyer Sons Funeral Home and Crematory we offer a wide range of memorialization products and services for those families that choose cremation for their loved ones final disposition. We also are happy to help with any new products or services a family may bring to us. Memorialization products and services are a large and quickly expanding industry and it is difficult for us to keep up with everything. We look forward to families bringing us new and exciting ways to memorialize their loved ones.

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We strongly recommend reading our payment policy before making any decisions on services.


When scattering a loved ones cremains always be sure to receive permission from the land owner, whether it is public or private land, if you are scattering on a waterway, lake or ocean, be sure to notify the Coast Guard of the approximate time and place you will be scattering your loved ones remains. If you are scattering in a cemetery, you must register and get permission from the cemetery.

Cemetery Options

Many cemeteries offer indoor and outdoor niches, burial or scattering gardens for cremains. We can provide you with an urn and urn vault if needed. It is best to directly contact your cemetery of preference for making the final internment.

Personalized Memorialization

B.J. Meyer Sons Funeral Home and Crematory is here to help you memorialize your loved one in any way possible. From custom memorial cards, collages, Blu-ray DVD’s, Urns and even jewelry, we are here to provide your family with the services and products needed to create a meaningful memorial of your loved one.