Tips for Personalizing Service

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating a personalized service for your loved one. If you can imagine it, we are here to help make it a reality, if we cannot help we have local partners that can.

The first thing every family thinks of when it comes to remembering their loved one is photographs. Our large open facility has ample space for photos and collages. We partner with an excellent memorialization company, Memories of Loved Ones, to help you with collages, videos, prayer cards and casket/urn photos. Or families can choose to make their own collages and videos and we have all the equipment required to display your personal photos.

We all have our favorite music, and we have the capability to play your loved ones favorite artists or songs through our PA systems for the duration of the services. Due to licensing laws the family must provide this music, we are not allowed to download and play the music.

We encourage families to bring in any items that represents their loved ones life. We can display most anything a person was passionate about, we have shown sports memorabilia, sporting equipment, firearms, artwork even a motorcycle and have had classic cars on display in our parking lot!